TOP English Camp - what we do for you:
(1) Provide students with a real-life English immersion program.
(2) Assist schools by conducting English activities during summer or winter vacations, during the semester or on weekends.

During these activities we:

(1) Invite a specialized team of foreign teachers to create a domestic English experience in which students practice their English in an authentic, real-life English atmosphere.
(2) Create a learning system that encourages and rewards participation.
(3) Arrange situational classrooms resembling a dining room, a supermarket, an airport, and more.
(4) Improve students’ English conversation ability, which promotes the further study of English.

TOP offers:

(1) Thorough English study and camp activity plan with effective execution.
(2) Teachers’ training
(3) English conversation textbooks and teaching materials.
(4) English camp facilities

Curriculum characteristics:

(1). All classes taught by foreign teachers.
(2). American teaching methods, simulating US classroom life.